The Mom Photo Essay Project On Instagram: Six

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(As mentioned in prev. post: #aging causes us to lose our sense of taste & smell). // This may not be the most glamorous photo ever taken (eggs only look good in pro photos), but it is metaphoric in its own way: it doesn't look every appealing even when your tastebuds are fully functional. // At 91, my mom has suddenly become concerned with the food she eats. In her late 80s, a doctor told her that at her age to just go ahead and enjoy anything and everything. This had the opposite effect. Suddenly mom was thinking & rethinking everything she ate. // It was around this time that she decided that she needed to stop eating bread crusts. As a diabetic, she needs to be conscious of her carbohydrate intake so she can take the proper amount of insulin for the carbs consumed. Bread crusts became bad – the place where most of the bread's carbs resided. So, she hasn't eaten a crust in years. Unless you count the crust on the French Toast – syrup is already being added, so why worry about carbs at that point? // Butter, however, has become its own food group. Loving butter is nothing new for mom – she could out butter Paula Deen. Best of all: a stick has 0.1g of carb, not enough to worry about. // It is impossible to see in this photo, but the crustless wheat bread is soggier more from the butter than the yolk, and there is additional butter in with the yolk. // For mom, food may not be as enjoyable as it once was, but half a stick of butter still brings a smile and a contented sigh. // The cut squares are also required – cut by me because her arthritis is so bad she cannot properly hold a knife or apply the required pressure to cut even a piece of buttery, yolky toast. Thankfully, I don't have to cut the toast into a required number of pieces. #aging #elderlyparent #caregiver #eating

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