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From L to R: Laurian, Rita, Mom. They are truly "Friends Forever". They met in Second Grade, back in 1930. This is the three of them together in 9/2015, in RI. Laurian lives with her son. Like my mom, she can't move around much without a wheelchair. Rita lives in an assisted living facility (where the photo was taken). Laurian's daughters picked up their mom, then went to pick up my mom (who was staying with her niece, in N. Kingstown, RI). They wanted to take Rita to lunch, but Rita says that it's too difficult to get in and out of a car – her two nephews have a tough time getting her in the car (Rita is not a large woman, though she's tall. The problem is her long legs: they just don't want to move where they're supposed to). So Laurian and mom visited with Rita for an hour or so after lunch. I have a great affection for these ladies: they taught me the gift of storytelling, and the gift of laughter. I spent many hours sitting, enthralled by their stories of the past, of their time at the Catholic school with the nuns in the big, long, black habits. They talked of kids, of trips, of friends gone to soon. Mostly, they laughed at all the crazy things they did. They'd laugh so much that they couldn't speak, only laugh more. Like my mom, they're dependent on others to get around, but they still remember all the old stories — and they still laugh until they can no longer speak. #caregiver #aging #elderlyparent #essay #bestfriends

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