The Mom Photo Essay Project On Instagram: Thirteen

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Mom. Baltimore. 1954. This was, according to mom, the photo she sent out along with her resume. Apparently one sent one's photo with one's resume back then. The Army transferred my dad from Honolulu (Hickam Field) to San Antonio, TX (Fort Sam) when he changed from the Navy to the Army. Shorty after, they were sent to Baltimore. They had spent 4 years in Hawaii, and were told that the Baltimore duty would be "a long time." After getting settled in, they bought a car: "a jazzy green Ford — very sporty looking." They also bought a freezer (one that came with a Food Plan – the company kept your freezer stocked full of meat.) Less than a year later, the Army told dad he was being transferred to Germany. They had to pay off the car, in order to take it out of the country, and had to give away as much of the meat as they could "Germany was too far for me to take it." In the brief time in Maryland (dad was in D.C., they lived in Baltimore), mom's photo landed her a teaching job. She ended up only teaching a semester. I've always liked this photo. For a long time I thought it was a yearbook photo. It also reminds me of a photo a journalist would have used for her column. I suppose these days it would be illegal to have to send a photo with your resume.

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