The Mom Photo Essay Project On Instagram: Fifteen

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Photo Date: 2/11/66. Mom, Dad, and me (aged 10 days). I was too young to know, but my mom assures me that this was one of the happiest days of her life: getting to bring their newly adopted baby home. I am not fluent on current adoption law. At that time, Colorado didn't allow out-of-state adoptions (meaning they could only adopt babies that had been born in CO). My birth mother was the sister of someone my dad had been stationed with in the army. He knew that my mom & dad had been unable to have their own children, and had been looking to adopt. When my dad's army buddy's sister (are you keeping up?) found herself abandoned by her husband because he didn't want a baby, he called my parents. After talking with a lawyer, the plan was made: I was to be born in South Carolina, because they allowed out-of-state adoptions. My birth mother lived in North Carolina (so I'm told), and when she was close to delivery time, she went to stay with her brother (dad's army brother) who just happened to live in South Carolina. In the weeks leading up to the adoption, my parents gained some pregnancy sympathy weight. When I was a young teenager, I joked that they were so big you couldn't see me in the photo. I realize now that it is a rather insulting thing to say. Thankfully my mom thought it was quite amusing, and still tells people about my remark and laughs every time. (Just before they were leaving to fly to SC, my dad had an attack of nerves. He was, apparently, airsick before they'd even left the ground. Airline policy stated that I had to be 10-days old to get on the airplane, so after I was allowed to leave the hospital, mom & dad drove to WV, where my Uncle Tom lived. They stayed there for a few days, and I enjoyed my few few non-hospital nights sleeping in a well-padded dresser drawer that they kept on the floor by the bed. This photo of two proud parents was taken at my Uncle Tom's home, as they were getting ready to head to the airport, to fly me to my new home in CO. #adoption #aging #elderlyparent #caregiver

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