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This time it was bad. Not that the last time was good. This was bad. Six weeks after falling backward & hitting her head (which required a trip to the ER, a CT scan, & 3 stitches), mom fell again. Last time, the bleeding stopped quickly – even being on Warfarin – the blood clotted quickly. This time it was bad: one look, and I hollered for Julian to call 911, while I held a pair of her pj bottoms against her head, applying pressure (the pj bottoms were what she grabbed out of the laundry basket, right next to where she fell). She was still bleeding freely when the EMTs showed up 3-4 minutes later. She was still bleeding when they took her from the aambulance directly to the CT scan (on Warfarin, the blood is thinned, and with the thin blood, the fall, and her age, the risk of bleeding in the brain is high). Because the fall was so bad, the wounds so deep, they had to keep her so they could do another scan 6-hours later. Thankfully, no burst vessels in her brain, though there were two deep wounds that each needed 3 staples. If she falls again, they'll take her off the Warfarin, as the risk outweighs the benefit.//I needed some time before sharing this – I didn't want to write while feeling frustratingly helpless. (Some of you know this already – this happened 3 Sundays ago.) Thankfully both J&I were home; I think we've reached the point where she can't be alone in the house. A physical therapist has been coming 2x per week, to help with her walk/balance. Feeling cautiously optimistic that it will help; she had 7 falls this year. Hopefully with the PT, 2016 will have less than 7. #caregiver #agingparents

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