Welcome and Re-Welcome!

For those of you who are first time visitors/followers to my blog:


For those of you who made the journey from my former blog to this blog:


So that everyone, new followers and old friends, are on the same page, a brief recap:

I started this blog last summer as a way of keeping my more ‘professional’ work separated from my general blogging. I wasn’t too successful as everything I blogged here, I reblogged on my ‘old’ blog.’  I wasn’t really driving traffic to this site.

In order to begin to make a name for myself, I need an online presence that reflects my name, not the name of a blog. If I were to have a blog about health, or fashion, or any other niche-type blog, a catchy blog name would be in order. However, since I am wanting to focus on my writing and photography, a self-titled blog seems the best route to go – visiting a blog with a person’s name as the web address is a good way to get people to start noticing your name. 

So here we are: a newish blog, named after me. As I mentioned in the final post on my now ‘old’ blog, I will be reposting a few things here. My old blog was an all-purpose blog, everything from my favorite music videos, to political cartoons, to my photos and writing. My old blog has posts from various other blogs I’ve had over the years, and, as a result, many of my favorite posts have been lost among the clutter. So, it’s time to clean house, take some of my old posts and give them a bit of revison and reshare them. It’s time for me to have a blog that focuses on my work as a writer and photographer.

I don’t plan to import all the content from my old blog to this blog. There are a few dozen posts (out of about ten years of posts) that I’d like to revise and share. And, I’d like to carry over a series of posts I began about dealing with “The Uninvited Guest” in our house:  my mom’s Alzheimer’s disease. So far, there are four posts in that series, and those will be the next four posts here. I’ll post them this weekend, but, be assured, that’s probably going to be the only time where I make that many posts. I have some additional posts for that series already drafted in my journal that I’d like to start adding soon. Over the coming months, I’ll slowly integrate some of the older photos that have only been shared on the old blog. To my old friends: sorry for the repeats! Starting over takes a bit of time, and I want to be sure to include new material (or newly revised material), along with some of the older work (mainly photos). I promise not to bombard anyone with too many posts. I don’t expect this to be a daily-post blog; my aim is to make at least one new post per week (and, for the first few weeks there will be an extra few posts as I migrate the photos over).

To my new followers:

Thanks for being here!

To my old friends:

I’m very glad you’re here!

To all of you:

Welcome to my new home!

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