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Once Upon A Time

There was a moment –
     brief –
when I believed life
   had endless possibility.

Fourteen years old –
     my father died
     my adopted brother sent back
A family of four –
     suddenly a family of 3
        when my father died
Seven months later
     we are a family of two
        when my brother is sent away.

Everything I knew
Everything I believed

We are taught
        family is everything
          family is forever

Family is only a word.
Meaningless in itself.
Family is what is made
of the word
     not what the word
       groups you into.

In the end,
     all that remains:

Are we a family
     because of love?
Or because we’re
     the last survivors of a group.

A mother.
A son.
     Bound by love?
          Or fear of being alone?


4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time Leave a comment

  1. I can’t imagine the trauma of that time for you. As an adoptive parent, I can’t imagine sending my son back (and we had some difficult years as do all parents). My heart aches for you sometimes.


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