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The Mom Van

I always swore I’d never buy a mom van. I suppose, in my case, it would be a dad van. Either way: no minivan.

Then this happened:


A lovely April snow brought down a branch of our neighbor’s crabapple tree at about three in the morning. The sound of the branch hitting the car was not a sound to be slept through.

The car (may it rest in peace) was a 2008 Honda Fit. A great car, truth to tell. It will be missed.

There is a longer story, involving the long search for a replacement vehicle. The story is in the works – believe me, it was an adventure, and not in a good way.

The short version is this. Over the past few years mom’s mobility has declined. Being 92 and having Alzheimer’s will do that to you. As her mobility has lessened, getting her in and out of the car safely has been an issue. Thankfully we’ve had no mishaps, but we’ve struggled. We needed to be sure the new vehicle would make getting in and out of the car easier, and safer, for her.

We ended up with a mom van. Literally, a van for mom:


It’s a Toyota Sienna. It looks like a regular ol’ minivan, right?

Just wait and see:

6 thoughts on “The Mom Van Leave a comment

    • It is a pretty great car, and for such a small car, it zooms along (I like a car that has some zoom – I tend to go fast!) 🙂 But, even for me, it is a bit difficult to enter and exit, and watching mom try to get in was just too much.


  1. That is really cool! So sorry to hear about the Fit! I remember when you bought it and showed it to us at Bernadette’s old house in Golden.


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