Springs Past

We've had an odd Spring. Temperatures have been into the 80s a few times, though we've mostly had mild, breezy weather. Even a few heavy snowfalls. We don't have many flowers in our yard, but I like to try and get a few photos of them when they  begin to sprout and bloom. Between the... Continue Reading →

A Brief Consideration of Lettuce

Consider lettuce. Visually, it's a thing of beauty with its bright, healthy colors: variations of green, some yellows, and some with various hues of red.  Lettuce on a white plate is a thing of beauty to be admired. Why, then, does lettuce become a horrifyingly gross, abhorrently repugnant, nauseatingly repulsive thing when it's stuck between... Continue Reading →

A Wee Bit o’ Yellow

The neighbor's sunflowers are starting to die, dropping a few of the petals into our yard -- a sign that Autumn is on the way. (For the photo enthusiasts: no, I did not take all the color but yellow out of the photo.  The wooden fence is greyish-silver already - it was also a bit... Continue Reading →


These are my neighbor's sunflowers - they pop their heads over the six food wooden fence in our backyard so they can see what we're doing. It's usually towards the end of the summer by the time they reach the top of the fence.

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