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It’s “About Time”

About Time

The beginning of time
The end of time
Ancient time
Modern time
The sands of time
Once upon a time

Time stands still
Time waits for no one
There’s just too little time
Time flies
No time at all
Don’t have the time
Ain’t nobody got time for that

Time heals all wounds
Take it one day at a time
Taking up all of your time
There’s time enough
We’ve got plenty of time

Having a good time
Wasting time
Killing time
Never enough time
Having a tough time

Buy some time
The value of time
Spend time
Make time
Find time
Borrowed time
All in good time
Making up for lost time
Name the time

Length of time
A very long time
Most of the time
From time to time
One moment in time
A brief time
At the same time
Make up time
Telling time
The time has come
There comes a time
The first time
The last time
The next time
One day at a time
One step at a time
One more time around
What time is it?
Do you have the time?
Do you know the time?
Does anybody really know what time it is?

Another time
The right time
The wrong time
Any ol’ time
A time and a place

Since time immemorial
The time is here
The time is now

All out of time


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