A Partial Checking In

Neglecting a blog for as long as I have, I can’t help but wonder who’s still around (other than the inevitable people who just follow every blog so that you’ll follow them back and buy into their product or self-help bullshit). I wonder who’s around not only because I’ve neglected my own blog, but because... Continue Reading →

The Mom Van

I always swore I'd never buy a mom van. I suppose, in my case, it would be a dad van. Either way: no minivan. Then this happened: A lovely April snow brought down a branch of our neighbor's crabapple tree at about three in the morning. The sound of the branch hitting the car was... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day at Roxbury Park

  Ronn and I were sitting in the backseat of Chris and Don's Subaru, reading a brochure for Roxbury State Park, our destination for the day. The brochure described the park as the place where "the mountains meet the plains." The illustrated pamphlet offered several pictures of the spectacular vistas and wildlife in the park,... Continue Reading →

Writing About the Hardest Moments

hard (adj.): •requiring a great deal of endurance or effort. •difficult to bear; causing suffering. -New Oxford American Dictionary   Caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s involves many things that are hard: looking on as her body withers; dealing with whatever today’s health crisis is; watching helplessly as her mind drifts and slowly fades... Continue Reading →

A Brief Consideration of Lettuce

Consider lettuce. Visually, it's a thing of beauty with its bright, healthy colors: variations of green, some yellows, and some with various hues of red.  Lettuce on a white plate is a thing of beauty to be admired. Why, then, does lettuce become a horrifyingly gross, abhorrently repugnant, nauseatingly repulsive thing when it's stuck between... Continue Reading →

Welcome and Re-Welcome!

For those of you who are first time visitors/followers to my blog: Welcome! For those of you who made the journey from my former blog to this blog: Re-Welcome! So that everyone, new followers and old friends, are on the same page, a brief recap: I started this blog last summer as a way of... Continue Reading →

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